When making our own marzipan, we homogenise the shelled almonds and sugar by a cold method by letting the material through a rolling machine while we do the same with the Lübeca marzipan after having added only sugar to it. We strongly recommended the latter for filling cakes, pastries most of our decorations are made also from this marzipan.

We send the finished marzipan packed in boxes to the preparation unit. There, the dough is coloured, the blocks of marzipan are dosed for the various packing quantities and here they are measured depending on the quantity needed for the body parts of the figures, flower petals and other decorations.

The next steps are where the already prepared marzipan is sent to the production section, where the figurines, flowers and other decorations are made. 99% of our products are hand-crafted and the remaining 1% represents a component which is needed for minor supporting forms. Our figures are created based on our own ideas. In addition to the perfectly new, fashionable forms, our old, classical figures are also sought for, some of them can be considered as true ”respectable elderly” with their age of 25 years!

The last step is packaging where our products are placed into plastic cylinders, cellophane-like bags or boxes with film lining.