Gera Marzipan, a family company, was established with a definite purpose in 1991. Like all beginnings, ours was difficult as well but by advancing further with making our ideas about our company true, the work was soon crowned with success. The image of the Gera Marzipan brand that we created at that time might have been simple but it’s colourful, charming, lively, happy and of course, delicious. We’ve been walking along this vision ever since then.

Initially, we made our products by using marzipan produced by ourselves but after a long period we decided that we need a change. By saying yes to the query and quotation of the prestigious German marzipan manufacturer, Lübeca, the marzipan of Lübeca has been the raw material of our products since 2002. The decision was difficult but we did not regret the change because we can proudly say that the Lübeca marzipan is Europe's best quality and most delicious marzipan.
It’s great texture, excellent flavour and aroma make it wonderful for our manually shaped products.

Gera Marzipan - About Us
Lübeca almond content
Almond content Gera and Lübeca marzipan
We use three kinds of marzipan for our decorations. The second type, a cooked Lübeca marzipan, which we are working with, has 26% almond content already that results in a slightly different texture compared the 26%-dough mixed by ourselves, which has proven to be essential for shaping certain products. The third one is still a kind of marzipan made with a cold method, a mixture with more sugar that we use for making marzipan sheets to be placed on the cakes.

The natural colour of our triple marzipan is beautifully yellowish beige, which demonstrates the high almond content; our doughs have typical almond savour. Our figures and other cake decorations lose such subtle savour in the course of drying, unfortunately, but quality and taste are guaranteed. Since the very beginning, our company takes two important things as top priorities. Quality and quality. The high level of the marzipan dough, it’s taste, texture and the elaboration of the cake decorations are what count. Our products are made entirely by hand, with the utmost care, with our endeavours to breathe life into our figures. We do believe that with our work we can give the world something delicious, nice and charming.